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Self-Managed Platform

Get your campaigns running in minutes. No prior knowledge is needed. Just Connect, Select and Launch!

AI-Powered Targeting

Let the power of AI find your next qualified lead. Skip the guesswork and get straight to closing deals.

Rich Content Library

Choose from a premium variety of visuals and content tailored to every project. Never stress about crafting the perfect ad again.

Innovative Dashboard

Stay ahead with insights. Discover the best-performing campaigns, track costs, and refine your strategies with data-driven decisions.

Team Collaboration

Choose manual assignment or let the platform automatically rotate leads ensuring fair distribution.


Our sponsorship program provides you with access to an elite network of real estate professionals, investors, and industry leaders.

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Manage and distribute leads directly from our platform.

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AI-Powered Real Estate Leads Generation Made With LeadsMart!.

LeadsMart — revolutionizing the real estate sector with AI-powered lead generation. Why waste time and money on media buyers when the perfect campaign is just a click away? Connect with your social platforms, choose from premium visuals tailored for your projects, set your dates, and fund seamlessly. Dive into real-time analytics to pinpoint prime projects, peak times, and optimize cost-per-lead. For the ambitious who crave success and demand trust: LeadsMart has your back. Be smart. Be rich. Be LeadsMart

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Take Control with Data-Driven Insights
LeadsMart Dashboard for Sales Pros. No more guesswork, just Results!

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Why Choose Us?

Why LeadsMart ?

At LeadsMart, we provide AI powered tools for real estate pros, without the extra fuss. We handle the tricky stuff, letting you focus on sealing those deals.


Dedicated to You

It's All About Your Needs.

We’re the first platform solely dedicated to the needs of sales employees in the real estate sector. We understand the challenges you face and have tailored our solution to meet them head-on.

Smart Automation to Boost Your Success

Our AI-powered platform doesn’t just give you leads; it gives you the right leads. No more sifting through unqualified prospects. Get straight to closing deals.

Saving You Money with Efficiency

Save on hiring expensive media buyers or agencies. With our self-serve platform, you get the same insights.

Making Team-management Easier for You

Whether you're manually assigning leads or prefer rotational distribution, managing your team's leads is seamless and fair with LeadsMart.

We Never Stop Creating

Our commitment isn't just for today. We’re continuously enhancing our features to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring you always have the best tools at your fingertips.

The Sector Compass Dashboard

Your Industry Guide.

Don’t get lost in the sea of data. Our dashboard provides you with actionable insights, highlighting best-performing campaigns, costs, and more.

Time is money in the real estate world
Don’t waste another second. Elevate your sales game with LeadsMart

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